Easter 2016

About Dr. Renno

I am a pediatrician outside of Nashville, TN, where I care for children from their first days through their launch into adulthood. At home, I am Mommy to three young sons and a baby girl. My objective at home and at work is basically the same: I want to help these little people become wonderful grownups. I want them to be healthy, confident, happy, and fulfilled. And I want to be there with them during the messier parts of the journey. And... I want them to eat their vegetables.


About this Site

At work all day, I stretch the left side of my brain, thinking in terms of science and facts and algorithms and data. But outside of the office, I love exercising my creativity as well. I developed an interest in photography during my senior year in high school, and have (very) slowly been expanding my knowledge since then. Long before that, though, I had an affinity for story-telling. Life is funny, and I love reliving it in both oral and written forms.

I've considered starting a blog since B.C. (Before Children), but turns out that your free time evaporates the second the first baby pops out. It may have not helped that I also started residency that year. So now it's 2017, and I am almost 3 years into my Big Girl Job. I'm done procreating, and #4 has toddled her way right out of infancy, so it finally feels like the time is right.

I'd love for you to join me here as I share musings and memories about taking care of kids at home and at work. I'm happy to answer your burning questions, and hopefully you'll find something relevant, interesting, and helpful about raising kids.